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Once a place of simple sustenance survival, Hawaiʻi Nei has undergone

a vast expanse of political systems in the last 250 years

ranging from population expansion

to the unification of the Island Kingdom,

 later into the illegal occupation of an independent nation.

Moʻoaupuni:  Resources on Hawaiian Political Landscapes

Kumukanawai o 1839

Hawaiian Bill of Rights

Hawaiian Language Journal

History of Endemic Hawaiian Law

An 800+ page thesis

Explanatory of Hawaiian Kingdom Laws & Governance

Legendary Moʻolelo

This column will contain all material that is considered Legends & Myths.


Birth of a Kingdom

Here you will find Migration and Governance as was known to our Ancestors.

Birth of a Kingdom.

Kingdom Kanawai

Period of tremendous modernization as a nation.

Treaties & Documents.

Kingdom Kanawai.

National Restoration

Restoration Agenda

People, Places, Things

Confidence, Hope & Aloha

The Voice of the People.

Plants Native to Hawaiʻi

Act 233 Mandating Native Plants in Public Building Landscaping

He Moʻolelo No Mokuʻula

Digital Copy:

 Kanawai 1822-1959

From Kingdom - State

Story of Mokuʻula

He Moʻolelo No

Nā Wai ʻEhā

OHA Data Book

OHA Main Page

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